Miracle Fruit Tablets from the Miracle Fruit Berry (Synsepalum dulcificum). The SinglePack contains 1 package of 10.
Each of the tablets contains 350mg premium quality freeze dried miracle fruit. The glycoprotien, miraculin modifies
taste perception. More Details

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Why Does Miracle Fruit Work?

Miracle Fruit Tablets are 100% pure freeze dried Miracle Fruit. The Miracle Fruit (Latin: synsepalum dulcificum) was discovered in 1727 in Ghana and Cameroon and brought to Europe, where it was used for centuries before it was discovered. Miracle Fruit has an active protein called Miraculin that blocks the acid and bitter flavors of foods to activate the taste buds in the mouth. Miracle Fruit does not have any taste of its own and is not a sweetener. The best example is the fruit lemon, it has lots of citric acid in it and plenty of fructose sugar, but since the acid is dominant you never taste the fructose sugar. With Miracle Fruit you will only taste the sweet fructose sugar and not the acid which make lemon and other fruits taste sweeter without adding anything to the original food.


Recommended Foods with Miracle Fruit Berry Tablets

Suggested foods with Miracle Berry Tablets are: pinapple, chili pepper, cheese, strawberry, apple and lemon. But every order is shipped with a flyer that contains our best suggestions in food.


Like to Wholesale Miracle Fruit Berry Tablets?

We have a warehouse that is packed with at least 500 packs of Miracle Berry Tablets at any given time. That means we are always ready to provide Miracle Fruit Wholesale to anyone interested in buying 100 packs (of 10 tablets each) at once (under 100 units we sell on this site).

If your interested starting a Miracle Berry business, we will support you with flyers and a good Miracle Fruit wholesale price. We can have it at your location within 3-5 days (anywhere in the world).We offer Miracle Berries in tablet format that are 100% natural, freeze dried and with six months of shelf-live at very competitive wholesale prices.